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Moving Price List

Hong Kong to China moving PRICE LIST

A1 Hong Kong to Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou
A clothing and household items debris 18/kg
2 small appliances 35/kg
3 Electric 48/kg
4 LCD TV, computers and digital appliances 95/kg
5 Furniture 20/kg
Note: CD, DVD, antiques can not be imported
Furniture packages depending on the number of charges, free of charge up to 20 standard carton (40 * 40 * 40) CM
A2 to Beijing Shanghai Tianjin
Add Hong Kong to Shenzhen by freight per KG 12
Bound wooden box for $ 50-200 each depending on size may be
Shenzhen to Hong Kong 5/KG
Dongguan Guangzhou to Hong Kong 6/KG
Furniture packages depending on the number of charges


Local home price list handling

Suitcase (small)
Red and blue (small)
Plastic box / box
槢 Table
$ 10up (1)

TV (21 inches or less) 槢 Table Suitcase (large)
TV cabinet 
(2.5 feet or less)
Heater Office Chair
Sofa (1 seat) Dehumidifier Microwave / oven
Short to cabinet Mattress (single) Stove (gas)
Tea table Bedside cabinet Water Machine
Block lamp Floor fan Wine rack
Red Blue (Large) Plastic cabinet Barbecue
$ 25up (1)

(21 inch -25 inch)
(24 inches or less)
Five barrels of cabinet Kitchen cabinet
TV cabinet 
(2.5 ft -4 ft)
Debris rack / bookshelf Computer desk Washing machine 
(On loaders)
(Two seats)
Bed (Single) Desk Clothes Dryers
Shoe Mattress (double) Filing cabinet
Bookcase Comb mounted tables Refrigerator 
$ 60up (1)

TV Cabinets (5 feet)
Wardrobe (3 feet or less)
Cabinet (3.5 feet)
Projection screen
$ 80up (1)

TV (29 inches) Aquarium (24 inches - 36 inches) Computer (with packaging)
TV Cabinets (5 feet or more) Bed (double) Refrigerators (3)
Wardrobe (3.5 feet) Mattress (Queen Size or more) Washing machine 
Sofa (3 seats) Cabinet (4 feet)
Sofa bed TV Cabinets (5 feet? Or more)
$ 90up (1)

Cabinet (4.5 feet)
Bed (Dutch Lady / double)
Wardrobe (4 feet)
$ 100up (1)

TV (30 inch - 39 inch) Sofa (L type) Bed (hydraulic)
Cabinet (5 feet) Bed (Queen Size) Bed (King Size)
Screen Bed (overhead) LCD / Plasma TV 
(30 inch or less)
Decorative cabinet (glass) Wardrobe (4.5 feet)
$ 130up (1)

Dining table with chairs (wooden)
$ 150up (1)

Cabinet (5.5 feet)
Closet (5 feet)
$ 120up (1)

TV (40 inches or more) Bed (mix)
Massage Chair Dining table with chairs 
Aquarium (37 inches - 42 inches) Combination Cabinets (6 feet)
$ 200up (1)

Dining table with chairs (marble)
LCD / Plasma TV (42 inches or more)
Stone carving
$ 250up (1)

Aquarium (42 inches or more)
$ 500up (1)

Furniture and other special items
Plant $ 30 up
Painting $ 40 up
Mirror $ 40 up
Carpet $ 60 up
Amplifiers $ 60 up
Fitness Equipment $ 120 up
Safe $ 200 up
Marble, wood and mahogany furniture Be discussed separately
Furniture assembly and disassembly charges 
Single bed, double bed, picture-bed, wardrobe, etc. ----- seat down HK $ 150 each 
Elevated bed, hydraulic bed, bunk bed, etc. ----------------- layer HK $ 200 each 
Cabinet, IKEA wardrobe, bed, etc. -------------------- combined HK $ 250 each 
Wardrobe (width 4 feet or more )--------------------------------------- HK $ 350 

Distance charges (subject to car handling )-------------------------------------- HK $ 500 from 
Add additional handling surcharge -------------------------------------- HK $ 200 from 
Stairs handling charges ----------------------------------------------- - 15% on each floor 
Subject to platform / depot pushed a certain distance or transfer elevator ------------------ 15% surcharge 
Harbor surcharge ---------------------------------------------- --- HK $ 150 from 
Carton costs (SIZE 21 "X 15" X 18 ")---------------------- HK $ 15 each 
Linked to the cost according to box (can hold 30 pieces of clothing every HK $ 100 or more )----------------------- 

* Price does not include parking costs more than
* Due to a wide range of furniture, such as listed above have not selected your items, and can be charged for the above reference or call our alternative offer.
* Red and blue, travel bags, plastic boxes, and cartons of each other no more than 25KG weight limit in excess of each HK $ 30.00.
* Please odds and ends around the house clearing within furniture, or pieces of furniture in that the double charge.
* Relocation, please buy their own home insurance customers.
* Such as during transport, due to the damaged items caused by the company, compensation of up to 30% handling fee.
* Car parks and tunnels will be paid by customers for payment.

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