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From E - CO of Association of Southeast Asian Nations

China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the visa rules of origin procedures

For the implementation of the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of rules of origin, to set up the Certificate of Origin (Form E) the issuance, verification procedures and other related management services are as follows:
Rule number one export certificate of origin shall be issued by members of government parties.
Rule 2 (a) members of the party it should be the certificate of origin issued by government agencies to inform the name and address all the other members of the party, and used by government agencies to provide the signature and seal impression.
(B) the information and sign-like (impression) shall be provided to each "agreement" of the members of the party, a copy of the record should be submitted to the ASEAN Secretariat. Name, address, or seal, if any changes should immediately notify the other members of the same party.
Rule number three cases of preferential treatment for the verification, the certificate of origin issued by designated government agencies the right to request any relevant documents or to appropriate verification. If by existing national laws and regulations can not get the power, the following rules shall be referred to four and five terms as listed in the application form.
Rule 4 products meet the conditions for preferential treatment of its exports and / or the manufacturer shall be in writing products to government agencies, pre-export verification of the origin of the application. The results of the verification should be carried out regularly or timely review and approval of this as the origin of the products to be exported in the relevant documents. The pre-verification may not apply to the origin of natural properties make it easy to identify the product.
Rule 5 exporter or his agent in the process of preferential treatment products export procedures, it shall submit a written application for a certificate of origin and relevant supporting documents attached to prove to be exported products meet the certifying requirements.
Six rules of origin certificate issued by designated government agencies should do on each application for a certificate of origin for appropriate checks to ensure that:
(A) the application and certificate of origin duly completed and signed by the authorized person;
(B) the origin of products in line with China - ASEAN rules of origin;
(C) the relevant documents submitted with the certificate of origin in line with other instructions;
(D) the goods specified in the name, quantity and weight, marks and piece number, number of export products and packaging to be consistent with.
Rule 7 (a) certificate of origin must be based on the format set out in Annex 3 of A4 paper printed with international standards, the language used is English.
(B) certificate of origin shall be the following colors and three carbon copies of one original composition:
Original - Beige (color code: 727c)
The second copy - light green (color code: 622c)
The third copy - light green (color code: 622c)
4th copy - light green (color code: 622c)
(C) Each certificate of origin certification unit should indicate its separate number.
(D) the exporter shall provide the original importer and the third copy of the order presented to the port of importation or imported to the customs. The second copy of the certification body the exporting Member should be retained. Fourth copy retained by the exporter. Imports, it should be a copy in the third and fourth column of the appropriate endorsement within a reasonable period of time return the third copy of the certification body.
Eight Rules for the implementation of the "China - ASEAN rules of origin" provisions of rules 4 and 5, the last issue of the exporting Party in the certificate of origin should be indicated in the Certificate column 8 and the applicable rules related to the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of the percentage of ingredients.
Rule 9 certificate of origin may not be altered, and trapping. Any corrections must first error item crossed out, and then make the necessary additions and changes. Corrections were made by the original visa approval, approval by relevant government agencies.Any unused space should be struck to make any later.
Rule 10 (a) certificate of origin shall be the exporting Member concerned when government agencies issued in exports, or exports of products found to be in line with China - ASEAN rules of origin can be regarded as originating in that Member immediately after the issue.
(B) In exceptional cases, such as non-subjective deliberate error, negligence or other reasonable reasons not export or export of goods immediately after the issuance of certificates of origin, certificate of origin in the shipment of goods within one year from the date of replacement , but marked "replacement" words.
Rule 11, such as certificates of origin, stolen, lost or destroyed, the exporter may apply to visa agency issued a written application and the third copy of the original, original, proven true copy, copy of the visa agencies in accordance with the relevant export documents archive system shells, and at the 12th column marked "proven true copy." The reproduction of the original certificate should indicate the original date of issue. Certificate of Origin proven true copy should be in the export certification to the relevant bodies of the fourth copy of the case, and in its original date of issue within one year before replacement.
Rule 12 of the original certificate of origin should be the product entry in the customs declaration to Customs, together with a third copy of the submission.
Rule 13 Certificate of Origin shall be submitted to the following period:
(A) certificate of origin should be in the exporting Party concerned government agencies from the date of the visa, within 4 months of Customs importing Member to submit;
(B) if the product in accordance with the "China - ASEAN rules of origin" in the rule 8 (c) the provisions of Jingguo one or more non members to the territory of (a) above under the country of origin certificates for scrutiny extended to 6 months ;
(C) if the exporter due to force majeure or other causes beyond the control of a reasonable cause not to comply with submission deadline, importing Member to accept the relevant government agencies should be submitted beyond the period of the certificate of origin; and (d) In any case, if products to submit the certificate of origin within the time limit has been imported, the importing members of the relevant government agencies accept the certificate of origin.
Rule 14, if originating in the exporting Member of the FOB value of each batch of products is not more than 200 U.S. dollars, do not need to produce for examination a certificate of origin, but the use of the exporter on the products originating in the exporting Party's brief statement that be. Not more than 200 U.S. dollars FOB mail products should also follow suit.
Rule 15 If you find the contents of the certificate of origin and import procedures for the processing of products submitted to the importing Member slightly inconsistent with the contents of the customs documents, certificate of origin as long as the content and the inspection of goods in line with the certificate of origin should still be valid.
Rule 16 (a) of the importing Member may request a follow-up random sampling, may also have reason to doubt the authenticity of the documents or any part of the product or the accuracy of the true origin, the requests for follow-up verification.
(B) of the verification request shall be attached the certificate of origin, and explain the reasons for application and other details, listing the certificate of origin may be a problem in the content, but the follow-up requests were randomly selected from this restriction.
(C) verification of the results in the waiting period, the importing Member may suspend the preferential customs requirements. If the product is not a ban or restrict imports of goods, but also did not find deceive the suspect, the Department can carry out the necessary management procedures after product release to the importer.
(D) follow-up verification requests received government certification agencies should respond in a timely manner, and after receipt of the request within 6 months to reply.
Rule 17 (a) certificate of origin application and all related documents issued by the issuing authority shall retain for at least 2 years from the date.
(B) of the importing Member should request a certificate of origin should be provided with the correct information.
(C) the exchange between the members of any information should be kept confidential, used only for recognition of certificates of origin.
Rule 18, such as exports to members of a specified party destination of all or part of the product changes in the product to reach the members of the party before or after, according to the following rules apply:
(A) If the product has been imported to the Member designated customs inspection, the importer shall submit a written application to the customs, the customs of the product to change the destination of all or part of the situation in the endorsement on the certificate of origin recognition, and then return the original import people. The third copy shall be returned to issuing agency.
(B) the certificate of origin if shipped to the importing Member designated by a change in the way destination, the exporter shall submit a written application and accompanying certificate of origin has been issued, require re-certification of all or part of the product.
Rule 19 for the implementation of the "China - ASEAN rules of origin" rule 8 (c) shall, on through one or more non-Chinese - ASEAN member States, the transport of products, imports of member countries should be submitted to government agencies the following documents:
(A) issued in the exporting member countries combined transport bill of lading;
(B) members of relevant government agencies to issue export certificates of origin;
(C) the product of the original copy of commercial invoice; and (d) comply with the "China - ASEAN rules of origin" rule 8 (c) 1,2 and 3 under the conditions of the document.
Rule 20 (a) delivered to the exporting Member and the other members of the side show or exhibition during the exhibition period after the sale to a member of the side products, meets the "China - ASEAN rules of origin" requirements, shall enjoy the China - ASEAN preferential tariff treatment, but the importing members should meet the relevant government agencies the following requirements:
1. Exporter of products from the exporting Party has delivered to the exhibition organized within the country and has been exhibited in the country;
2. Exporter of goods have been sold or transferred to the importing Member of the consignee; and
3. Product development has been to give the state time or exhibition during the exhibition period immediately after the operation to the importing Member.
(B) for the implementation of these provisions must apply to the importing Member concerned government agencies to submit a certificate of origin. Must also specify the name and address of the exhibition, the exhibition venue to provide Member a certificate issued by relevant government agencies and the rule 19 (d) listed in the documents.
(C) above (a) provides that apply to any sale of foreign products for the purpose of commerce, agriculture or handicraft exhibitions, trade fairs or in shops or commercial premises held a similar exhibition or display. During the exhibition of products to be in the custody of Customs.
Rule 21 (a) When the suspect certificate of origin associated with acts of deception, the relevant members of the parties shall cooperate with government agencies, the suspected officers to take action in their respective territories.
(B) each member of the party with a certificate of origin should be related to the implementation of legal sanctions acts of deception.
Rule 22 If the place of origin determination, classification, products, or other disputes, import and export of the country's government agencies should take to resolve disputes between the desire to consult and inform the other members of the consultation results.


Annex 2
Product Specific Rules (to be launched in January 2004 related to negotiations)
Annex 2
Original (first copy / second copy of the / third copy)
1. Consigned from (Exporter name, address, country): Number:

China - ASEAN Free Trade Area
Preferential tariff
Certificate of Origin
(Combined Declaration and Certificate)
Form E
Issue of (National)
See notes overleaf
2. The goods to (the consignee name, address, country):
3. Means of transport and route (if known):

Departure date:

Name of Ship / aircraft:

Port of discharge:
4. Official use under the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Agreement gives preferential treatment;
Do not give preferential treatment (please specify reasons)

Importing countries the right to sign signature
5. Item No. 6. Packaging Marks and Numbers 7. Packing number and type; goods (including quantity where appropriate and the importing country HS Code) 8. Origin criterion (see notes overleaf) 9. Gross weight or other quantity and price ( FOB) 10. invoice number and date

11. Exporter declaration the following statement of the signatory and to declare the above information is correct, all the goods produced in

Is in compliance with China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Agreement of origin under the requirements of the goods exported to

(Importing country)

Place and date, the right to sign the signature 12. To prove the basis of regulation, do hereby declare that the exporter is correct.

Place and date, signature and seal of certification bodies

1. To enjoy the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff preferences under the agreement to accept the certificate of the Member States:
Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
2. Conditions: the goods exported to any of these members enjoy the China - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement preferential tariff preferential treatment under the main conditions are:
Must be in the country of destination of goods can enjoy the tariff concessions;
Must comply with any of the goods by the China - ASEAN Free Trade Area Member States directly to a member of the transportation of imports, but if the transit transport, conversion means of transport or temporary storage only for geographical reasons or simply out of consideration of transport needs, transported through one or more of Africa and China - ASEAN Free Trade Area within the transport member can be accepted; and must meet the following criteria of origin.
3. Origin criteria: export to these countries enjoy preferential treatment of goods must meet the following requirements:
Consistent with rules of origin under Article, wholly obtained in the exporting country's products;
In addition to the above (1) of this paragraph, for the implementation of the China - ASEAN Rules of Origin Article (2) of the Rules, the use of non-Chinese origin - ASEAN Free Trade Area member or can not determine the origin of the materials, parts or product production and processing of products, the use of materials, parts or products does not exceed the total value of products produced or obtained 60% of the FOB, and finally produced in the territory of the exporting Member States to complete;
In line with China - ASEAN rules of origin under the second requirement of product origin, and the product in a Member State as Shengchan one or more Member States in other favorable treatment for the final product Touru products, such as the eventual product Zhong China - ASEAN Free Trade Area of components in total at least 40% of the final product, the product should be considered as products originating in the final production or processing of the Member States; or in line with China - ASEAN rules of origin specified in Annex II products product origin criteria should be considered as a Party was fully processed goods.
If the goods meet the above criteria, the exporter must follow the format specified in the following table, in the eighth column of the certificate indicating its preferential treatment of goods to declare the origin criteria under which:

Column 11 of this form listing the country of production or manufacture of the first details of

Fill in column 8

(A) Products wholly produced in the exporting country (see above, paragraph 3 (1))


(B) comply with the above paragraph 3 (2) of this article, Member States in the export of processed products, but not completely

Percentage of single country content, such as 40%

(C) comply with the above paragraph 3 (3) of this article, members of the export processing products, but not completely

China - ASEAN cumulative percentage of components, such as 40%

(D) consistent with product-specific standard products of origin

"Product Specific Rules"
4. Each product must meet the requirements: It should be noted that all items in the consignment must comply with their provisions, in particular, similar products of different sizes or spare parts.
5. Item Name: Item name must be detailed to enable the inspection of the customs officials can identify. Manufacturer's name and any trade marks should also be specified.
6. HS imports of member countries should be the encoding.
7. 11 column, "exporters" may include the manufacturer or producer.
8. Official use: whether or not to give preferential treatment to, members of the Customs to be imported in column 4 marked accordingly

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