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For the convenience of clients in transportation of goods, the companies located in Hong Kong customs service valet.

The customer through our customs procedures required conditions are as follows:

1. Please customers the following information by fax or email to us, if there is no list, also write down with detailed information, then fax or e-mail

Contact the company to verify the information, data, including:
- License Plate / Bill of Lading No. / Master Air Bill No. / Courier single No.
- Goods import / export date
- The name and type of goods
- The total amount of goods and total weight
- The origin of goods
- Value of the goods
- Company name or customer name
- Business Registration Certificate number or customer ID number
- Your contact telephone numbers and addresses

2. The information received by the Company will take the initiative to contact the customer offer.

3. Please put this company into the bank account shall, after payment bank receipt by fax or email to us, the Company will promptly after receipt of all payment processing report

Customs procedures.

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