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Logistics Consultant

SOLIDUS has numbers of logistics planning consultants which could help you to save costs, improve efficiency, proper use of resources. For more information or any queries, please feel free to contact

our hotline: 852-21962519 Logistics Consultant Director: Ricky.

Or e-mail to: solidus.chan @

We have various kinds of transportation vehicles which transport cargo, containers, goods, etc. back and forth Hong Kong and different provinces, cities, states and so in Guangdong along Pearl River Delta. Besides, warehouse and distribution service are also available.

Moreover, we also offer shipping and air transportation all around the world. The most frequent cities include: Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

If you have any questions or problems about logistics, please call SOLDIUS. We are willing to help anytime!

Or even if you have any questions about our prices, you could also give us a CALL and we would resolve your queries properly.

Unit 305 50 Bonham Strand Centre Hong Hong   TEL: 852-21962519 FAX: 852-34278882 CHINA: 86-20-84353817

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