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Shipping Services

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Shipping Services

SOLIDUS offers shipping service all around the world, we ship cargos and goods from different places around the world to Hong Kong OR from Hong Kong to different world’s major shipping ports.

Our Services include:

- Dangerous Goods Shipping

- Gold, silver, precious metals shipping

- Various types of food or goods shipping services.

Selecting shipping ship is the most economic way of transportation. If the volume of the goods is large, it would absolutely be convenient. We offer different types of shipping ways according to our client’s needs, service types, shipping routes and shipping schedules.

There following are the 3 ways that SOLIDUS provides for our clients (Of course, we need to acquire more information on the quantity of goods and budgets when deciding the most concrete and suitable way for our clients.):

1. Consolidated Containers and Self-consolidated containers

We designed a box of consolidated container and place all the goods in the container for the clients who ship less volume of goods. We also help distributing goods to every of our clients. Self-consolidated container is the most economic shipping way as several clients share one box in order to lower down the cost. Shipping fees are calculated according to the area of the box occupied.

2. Less Contain Load (LCL)

If the volume of good is very less, we would pack all the goods and put them into a wooden box. Then, several wooden boxes would be put into a container.

3. 20 feet flat container, 40 feet flat container, 40 feet high container and 45 feet high container

There are 4 types of standard shipping containers. Our company would decide the most suitable one(s) for you according to the volume of your goods. All the containers will be sealed once all the goods have been packed into the container(s) until we have arrived the designated ports.

We have already joined in to the world's largest shipping organization. Thus, we assure that the prices we offer would absolutely be more competitive when compare with some other peer shipping companies/ agents.

Shipping usually takes longer time than air or land. It takes approximately 5-7 weeks from Asia to Europe; 3-4 weeks from Asia to Australia; 6-7 weeks from China to U.S. West Coast and North Atlantic countries.

If your transportation time is very tight, you could try out our Discount DHL air service and International Air Service.

Sizes and Details of the containers we provide:

20' Flat Container

Inner Wide: 2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in)

Inner Height: 2395 mm (7 ft 10.3 in)

Inner length: 5898 mm (19 ft 4.2 in)

Volume: 33.2 cbm (1173 cu ft)

Carrying Capacity: 29.73 cbm (1050 cubic feet)

40' Flat Container

Inner Wide: 2350 mm (7 ft 8.5 in)

Inner Height: 2392 mm (7 ft 10.2 in)

Inner length: 12032 mm (39 ft 5.7 in)

Volume: 67.6 cbm (2389 cu ft)

Carrying Capacity: 62.3 cbm (2200 cubic feet)

40' High Container

Inner Wide: 2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in)

Inner Height: 2698 mm (8 ft 10.2 in)

Inner length: 12023 mm (39 ft 5.3 in)

Volume: 76.2 cbm (2694 cu ft)

Carrying Capacity: 67.95 cbm (2400 cu ft)

45' High Container

Inner Wide: 2352 mm (7 ft 8.6 in)

Inner Height: 2698 mm (8 ft 10 inches)

Inner length: 13556 mm ( 44 ft 5 in)

Volume: 85.16 cbm (3007 cu ft)

Carrying Capacity: 79.2 cbm (2800 cubic feet

Note: As the goods may contain irregular shapes, the actual cargo volume and the reference data will be different, please kindly pay attention to that.



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