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Cargo insurance - insurance, maritime transport, aviation insurance

Cargo insurance - insurance, maritime transport, aviation insurance

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Including cargo insurance, wheel insurance, accident insurance, and sea and air transport, shipping and insurance.

Why should I buy "marine cargo insurance"?


  • Protection covers almost all the cargo type, destination and delivery method
  • Help you reduce the damage due to cargo, damage or theft while on company business and the impact of the supply chain
  • Call 21962519 for marine cargo insurance premium discount tickets will be entitled to up to

Other advantages


  • According to your business needs, develop tailored policies
  • Policy with a single voyage or regular shipment booking policy options
  • Provide basic insurance or comprehensive insurance plan two
  • Low premiums
  • Meet all the requirements of the letter of credit
  • By the marine insurance experts offer you professional advice
  • Fast and efficient processing of applications

Note insurance


1. Should first understand the background of the insurance company


An insurance company to purchase insurance policies, should check in advance of the company's reputation:

  • Whether a certain position in the industry the company?
  • Whether the insurance business in Hong Kong obtain a license?
  • Do you have business partners or friends had used this company's service?
  • The company's financial soundness?
  • Has been an independent rating agency rating the securities?

2. Not to use premium rates for different selection criteria


Many policies are unable to provide the protection you need, or you will get all the protection that, so you should carefully read all the terms contained in the policy, including the use of the contents of the smallest font.

  • Some of the insurance contract may only provide low for your third-party liability limit. Some liability claims related to it may take a decade before they were resolved. If the compensation, the compensation limit of your policy not to pay compensation, you may need to make up their own balance
  • Proceedings in Hong Kong is very high legal costs involved. You must understand the policy terms carefully to ensure that in addition to liability limits, but also with the terms of legal fees paid on behalf of

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