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House Moving - Office & house moving - HK and China

SOLIDUS Logistics is especially well-experienced in house moving. We have managed for more than 5000 house-moving cases almost everywhere around the world (Including HK to China, China to HK, some overseas countries). Our one-stop, high-quality, low-cost services help our clients solve a lot of transportation problems. If you don’t want to be cheated or over charged, find us NOW!

The following are some moving tips provided by SOLIDUS to our customers:

If you have sufficient time to prepare for the moving, SOLIDUS suggests you:

1) Make a checklist, remove unnecessary objects in order to save cost

2) Determine all the layout arrangements for the new house or new office. Also, decide the best handling for both large-sized and small-sized furniture.

3) Make a checklist for all the properties, separate those expensive and less expensive properties.

4) Do some research on the logistics market; get quotation from at least 3-4 logistics companies and make comparison to avoid any losses.

5) Keep all the private properties and confidential documents in the most proper way.

6) Acknowledge your family members, relatives, friends, current staffs and clients regarding to the change of home/office address.

7) Inform all relevant institutions such as banks, hospitals, Inland Revenue, insurance agents, schools, etc. that you have changed the address to avoid any unnecessary losses.

8) Finally, contact some professional logistics company to arrange for the moving and confirm the details (including time, venue, checklist, insurance, price, etc.)

For the day you are going to relocate your home/office , SOLIDUS reminds you:

1) There should be a person who understands the relocation issue in the venue in order to answer porters’ questions and make appropriate guidelines.

2) Mark down some measure details, such as: town gas, electric meters, etc. In the meanwhile, drop down the quantities and the types of all moving objects clearly.

3) Stay at the venue until porters has complete all the relocation procedures.

4) Fill in all the information on the checklist; read the statements carefully and re-count all the moving objects before signing.

5) Keep all the bills and checklists until the relocation procedure is completed and all the fees are paid.

6) Before leaving the venue, owners should check if they have forgotten to take anything away, especially valuable properties.

7) Tell porters your new address clearly; exchange emergency contact telephone numbers in order not to loss contact with each other during the relocation procedure.

When the porters arrived the destination, SOLIDUS reminds you:

1) Remember to take out all the valuable properties and necessities to avoid any property loss or damage.

2) There should be a person who understands the relocation issue in the new address to communicate with the porters and provide further instructions.

3) If the relocation procedure is completed and everything is fine, remember to prepare enough cash to pay for outstanding fees or bank transfer; keep the invoices in case there are any questions after paying for those fees, you could always trace back

4) Check the transportation goods and count the quantities carefully to see whether there are any items damaged or lost.

5) Keep all the private properties and confidential documents in the most proper way.

SOLIDUS Quotation Hotline:

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