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Pet Moving - Global Pets transport between HK and China

SOLIDUS pet transportation services:

- Picking up your pet and providing door to door service

- Drafting pet transportation plan and providing related professional services

- Handling Inspection and Quarantine Certificates and Health Certificates for the pets in China

- Handling various licenses required by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) for the pets in Hong Kong

- Handling import/export customs clearance procedures

- Providing faster inspection services for the pets and transporting back and forth Hong Kong and China

- Providing dedicated pet cages for the pets that are transported by air

Pet transportation tips provided by SOLIDUS:

- Check your pet’s fitness with some professional vets to see if it is suitable for travel before transporting

-Keep a copy of your pet's health certificate and vaccination certificate

- Not to feed your pet 6 hours before departure to avoid vomiting.

-Not to feed your pet with veterinary tranquilizers without permission

- Clean your pet thoroughly in case there are bacteria inside the body before departure to avoid entry prohibition

-Select non-stop flights to avoid long flight.

-Prepare pet strap for easy walking with the pets.

-Place a familiar blanket or favorite toy in the pet cage with the pet

For more details, please feel free to call:

Hong Kong: 852-21962519

Domestic: 86-20-84353817

Unit 305 50 Bonham Strand Centre Hong Hong   TEL: 852-21962519 FAX: 852-34278882 CHINA: 86-20-84353817

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