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Import and export agent - ISO /CO|Import / Export Declaration

SOLIDUS Logistics manage various sorts of Certificates and licenses, including: Import/Export Trade Commodity Inspection, Customs Clearance and documentation, Certificate of Origin (FA, CO, fumigation) quota management, different kinds of Import/Export Certificates, Various types of Product Safety License for and on behalf of our clients. Based on our good relationship with various trade associations and certification bureaus, with the common understandings and sets of handling procedures we share, we guarantee "high-speed, high quality, mutually benefit, all aspect” Certificate/License management services in order to facilitate our customers’ needs on import and export.

In the meanwhile, we also apply different kinds of logistics shipping documents all around the world in order to help our customers breaking the language barriers and speed up the workflows. Types of application documents includes:

- Verification Sheet

- Certificate of Origin (CO) all around the world

- Product Safety License all around the world

- Food Import and Export Permits


- ASEAN Form E (FE)

- Chile Form F Card

- Asia-Pacific Certificate of Origin Form M

- Fumigation Certificate

- Plant Quarantine Certificate

- Apparel Import License

- Health Certificate

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