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WASTE MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSAL,WASTE REDUCTION,Document Waste Disposal Waste Disposal,WASTE MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSAL,Clean up confidential documents

Our company has professional teams providing waste cycling, waste management, confidential documents and goods destruction services for both major enterprises and private individual on order to solve our client’s space lacking problems.

We generally have a charging standard on waste cycling and destruction service, except some special waste, such as: industrial waste, dangerous goods, etc. Handling fee will be charged for such kinds of special waste.

Charging scale:

We calculate the charges waste metal recycling by each KG

We use real scale electronic balance to ensure real price without any trick (The standard would be according to the metal recycling market price on the current date)

Price reference for daily market / KG

- Wire: 8

- Transformer, Motor: 3

- Old Signboard: 1

- Old Cds: 1

- Battery: 3

- Bronze: 25

- Copper Scraps: 30

- Thick Copper Wire: 33

- Iron Scraps: 1 - 1.5

- Old steel: 10

- Aluminium :10

- Lead Scraps:8

- Aluminium Scraps:8

- Red/Black wire:25

We also offer:

- High price retrieve

- Warehouse service for old and new metals

- Stocks clearance

- Industrial machinery service

- Generator

- Steels appliance for kitchen

- Destruction of restaurant, office, etc.

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