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Destruction and disposal services



With the economic development and with the world, business enterprise known for producing high confidentiality requirements and on growing our company with many years experience in waste handling is to provide enterprises with a one-stop confidential destruction service.

Confidential document destruction services Confidential Document Destruction
Going to ignore the importance of handling business documents, for various reasons, companies need to store large quantities of documents, was limited to the past, these documents into the company the burden of the backlog. We can efficiently and cost for enterprises

Services industry documents destroyed.

Secret cargo handling Confidential Dispoal Service
Businesses often have many product delivery or waste to deal with, we can arrange for high recovery and the provision of consultancy services to provide different solutions.

Processing waste Processing Return Scrap back to Hong Kong
Hong Kong as an entrepot, a lot of returns back to Hong Kong from time to time, they can not back to the domestic processing, our company can be destroyed for you so that enterprises do not bear the high storage costs, while addressing the demand for goods to remain nothing more than secrecy.

Processing materials examples:
Mechanical destruction model (digital camera raw materials, lenses, glass, waste film, waste liquid crystal display)
Destroy electronic parts processing circuit board)
Destruction of flexible circuit boards of electronic parts)
Packaging chemical waste disposal services (liquid crystal display)
Destruction of the plastic parts (all chassis)
Commodity destruction (Watch)
Mechanical destruction (DVD machines)
Destruction of goods (audio / backup data)

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