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refrigerated transport

Solidus refrigerated transport logistics expertise to provide Hong Kong frozen car, iced car, local transport services, chilled food, refrigerated trucks have more planes, throughout the territory, as Pokka, DCH other organizations in providing refrigerated trucks transport services.

The company also provides local delivery services, and monthly bulk orders contracted transport or refrigerated transport services. The Company may also provide customers with a cold car to the airport, the goods issue, delivery and removal of trailer freezers, cold storage and submission of various goods.

The car transport company to ensure fresh and high quality frozen food supply, from the warehouse to the users, are handled by the cold storage, cold storage, refrigerated fleet, refrigerated transport, high-quality high-tech, to ensure that food and chilled food to maintain its original flavor .

The company now has a total of more than a tail, frozen goods, respectively, 24 tons, 16 tons, 9 tons and 5.5 tons, to meet different customers needs, we regularly for the company vehicle checks to ensure that customers shipping goods by freezing temperature of the vehicle.

Solidus Logistics with refrigerated transport services in Hong Kong

Professional refrigerated transport services

Provide all kinds of refrigerated transport services: frozen sections of tons of vehicles in Hong Kong, Hong Kong and refrigerated container haulage, Yantian and Shekou to the Chinese provinces of frozen container haulage. Cooling along the way, to ensure the quality of goods. Or refrigerated cargo transportation from China to Hong Kong.

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