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Wine warehouse - Red wine / white wine storege

Wine warehouse - Red wine / white wine storage

SOLIDUS has its own wine cold store which applies the latest Japanese technology designed to maintain the temperature in between 12-17 degree with dehumidifier within the 24-hour operation and more back-up power in case there are some long-term storages needed.

Our Wine warehouse will be maintained at the temperature of 14 ℃ to 18 ℃, suitable for wine storage. Our warehouse’s walls and ceilings are 80mm thick in order to act as a barrier to heat and moisture. It’s like a “walk-in freezer”.

Our Company contains remote control and CCTV systems which are directly connected to our control center with 24 hours monitor a day in order to maintain the a safety warehouse environment. Our warehouses are supervised regularly by our staffs on a daily basis. We also provide independent mini-storage / lockers which is an appropriate private space for the owner to access freely.
 As UV rays can damage wine quality, our wine storage room is isolated from the sun. Our warehouse uses appropriate lighting system to ensure quality red wine

If customers need to purchase insurance, red wine, we are happy to help. We provide 12-24 hours of red wine transport services

Lockers: 5'x 2.5 'x1 D

30-foot mini-warehouse: 20-30 boxes of red wine can be stored

40-foot mini-warehouse: 30-40 boxes of red wine can be stored

50-foot mini-warehouse: 40-50 boxes of red wine can be stored

Wine Storage Tips: 

Keep the temperature at 14 ℃ -19 ℃. 
Keep wine from UV and sun. 
Hong Kong's wine duty was abolished in early 2008. 
Always check there is no contraction of wine in order not to impact the quality of wine because of the air.


Unit 305 50 Bonham Strand Centre Hong Hong   TEL: 852-21962519 FAX: 852-34278882 CHINA: 86-20-84353817

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